Andrew: While the DC characters, you know, Superman or Aquaman, Wonder Woman, they’re sort of gods and what’s been great with Flash in the comic book and in previous alterations and now with Grant is that he’s just a guy. He’s just a normal guy.

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"I think they are in love with each other."

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Arrow - Oliver & Felicity

└►  "You are not done fighting"

Katie Cassidy at Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration (x)

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Emily Bett Richards and Stephen Amell being as always incredibly cute (x)

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"how do you feel about that relationship?" “i’m glad that viewers who felt like maybe they were faked out, they are getting their full resolution. was he telling the truth, was he lying? you have to wait one more episode. i’m sorry that it’s in october, but you get a full… you get a full explanation as to what that meant.” (x)

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If half of the stories that I’ve heard about Ra’s Al Ghul are true, w e  w i l l  a l l  p a y.

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